About us

Ocork is a Eco brand that specializes use natural materials handmade products
We believe that natural materials can bring high quality and stylish bags/jewelry
A new material replaces animal leather to reduce damage to animals
Today, we are very happy to use Cork, a new environmentally friendly material, to make a lot of bags. The origin of cork is to come from Portugal. Since cork can be recycled and it will not cause damage to trees, more and more people are beginning to like it.
The bags made from natural coconut shells will give you a unique feeling. You can smell the coconut tree. This is a natural taste.
Kraft paper, this is a new product that we just developed in 2018. It is not only ordinary paper, but also wearable, waterproof, light and recyclable bags.
Most of our products are handmade, and we hope that our own little choice changes will make our planet better.

Founder George Raymond